April 6, 2009

Some New Books

A Companion to Metaphysics, 2nd Edition
Jaegwon Kim (Editor), Ernest Sosa (Editor), Gary S. Rosenkrantz (Editor)

Fully extended and revised, A Companion to Metaphysics 2nd Edition includes a section of detailed review essays from renowned metaphysicians, and the addition of more than 30 new encyclopedic entries, taking the number of entries to over 300.
  • Includes revisions to existing encyclopedic entries
  • Features more than 30 all-new "A to Z" entries
  • Offers a section of in-depth, essays from renowned metaphysicians
  • Provides the most complete and up-to-date reference guide for students and professionals alike

Worlds of Truth: A Philosophy of Knowledge

Worlds of Truth: A Philosophy of Knowledge explicates and builds upon a half century of philosophical work by the noted philosopher Israel Scheffler.
  • Propounds a new doctrine of plurealism which maintains the existence of multiple real worlds
  • Offers a defense of absolute truth, which denies certainty and eschews absolutism, and defends systematic relativity, objectivity, and fallibilism
  • Emphasizes a wide range of pragmatic interests: epistemology and scientific development, cognition and emotion, science and ethics, ritual and culture, and art and science

Writing: Theory and History of the Technology of Civilization
Barry B. Powell

Writing: Theory and History of the Technology of Civilization traces the origins of writing tied to speech from ancient Sumer through the Greek alphabet and beyond.
  • Examines the earliest evidence for writing in Mesopotamia in the fourth millennium BC, the origins of purely phonographic systems, and the mystery of alphabetic writing
  • Includes discussions of Ancient Egyptian,Chinese, and Mayan writing
  • Shows how the structures of writing served and do serve social needs and in turn create patterns of social behavior
  • Clarifies the argument with many illustrations

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